Navigating the Florida Real Estate Market with Bobby Suarez

Bobby Suarez is one of the most influential real estate investors in South Florida. Through the years, he has focused on achieving success in building multiple real estate businesses and growing a real estate portfolio, and he is with us today to talk about everything he learned along the way.


Listen now to learn more about Bobby, his journey in real estate investing, and the lessons he learned through the years – the good, the bad, and everything in between!


Key Talking Points of the Episode


00:00 Introduction

01:39 What is Bobby’s background in real estate?

03:21 How did Bobby start growing his real estate business?

04:25 What is the reality of being an “overnight success”?

07:19 What is the market like in Florida today?

09:38 Why is it important to know your market well?

10:25 What marketing strategies are working in Florida today?

13:38 Why is delayed gratification important to your success?

17:05 How can personal relationships impact your success in business?

18:42 How important is the relationship between your family and business life?

19:50 Why is it important to teach children about finances early in life?

25:09 What was the turning point in Bobby’s career?

27:11 How can mastermind groups help you grow as an entrepreneur?

30:19 Why is it important to build the right relationships as an entrepreneur?

32:38 What were some of Bobby’s most interesting deals like?

34:35 How did Bobby start building his collection of watches?

35:33 What is financial freedom for Bobby?

37:59 Why does it make sense to buy properties with zero debt in this market?

42:10 What was it like for Bobby to buy his mother a house?

45:46 What should be your first priority as an entrepreneur?

46:55 What is Bobby’s advice for young entrepreneurs today?




“You gotta pay your dues at the beginning and a lot of the younger generation, I think they just want that overnight “what Bobby has” or “what Willy has” – they don’t understand that this thing took a long time to get here.” 


“Collaboration is king. Relationships are important. The last thing you wanna do is make enemies with your competitors.”


“For me, financial freedom is to have all my bills being covered from my cash flowing assets.”